Lafayette Child Support Lawyer


Men are often worried about bearing an unfair portion of the financial responsibility. While such concerns are real and valid, it is important to take a reasoned approach. As a Lafayette child support attorney, I seek fair resolutions for fathers. Through careful evaluation of your individual situation, I will develop a plan that addresses your needs and the needs of your children in the most efficient and effective manner possible.

If you are facing divorce and have questions on your child support obligations, or think you are currently paying an excessive amount, contact a family lawyer for men. I am dedicated to protecting the rights and assets of husbands and fathers involved in a wide range of family disputes.

Protecting You And Your Children

In Louisiana, child support calculations are based on the combined incomes of both parents. Each person is then required to pay a percentage proportionate to his or her share of the combined amount. Not every situation is clear cut, and determining proper payments is a multifaceted process. Through evaluating each client’s specific circumstances, I strive to attain optimal child support resolutions that meet the needs of both fathers and their children.

If income decreases, fathers often think they should seek lower child support payments. Since payments are based upon what percentage each party’s income bears to the combined income, a decrease in income may not significantly affect the amount of child support you pay. In many instances, seeking lower payments triggers a post-judgment modification that results in an increase. I can evaluate your situation and break down the laws into terms you understand so you are sure your payments are fair and accurate.

Know Your Rights And Obligations — Contact A Lafayette Paternity Attorney

Taking the proper steps to acknowledge paternity before securing a child support order is crucial. If it is proven you are not the biological father after you have made support payments, you may be obligated to continue paying. If you have questions on paternity, seek legal counsel immediately.

Many complicated and time-sensitive issues arise throughout divorce proceedings. The best course of action is a proactive one. If you have concerns about child support or paternity, trust an attorney who knows your rights and how to protect them. Contact me at 337-231-1397 to schedule a confidential consultation.