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Navigating pet custody issues during divorce

If you are a pet owner, you likely consider your pets to be members of the family. However, it is important that you understand that the law does not usually view your dogs, cats and other animals in the same way. Generally, if you divorce you and your spouse will be compelled to treat your pets as a matter for your property division settlement if you disagree on how their care should be addressed in the wake of your divorce.

Using technology to demystify child support challenges

When parents decide that they no longer wish to parent under the same roof, certain legal decisions must be made. First, issues pertaining to child custody and parenting plans must be sorted out. Once these matters are determined, child support orders are generally made. In most situations, the parent who retains fewer annual days of physical custody with the child is ordered to pay child support. However, significant inequities in parental income combined with unique parental placement arrangements may result in a different outcome.

Why you should probably avoid hiring an overly-aggressive lawyer

Television and motion pictures frequently cast brash, brusque and aggressive attorneys to argue criminal cases, corporate cases and even divorces. And while an aggressive approach is appropriate in certain contexts, it is very rarely the best approach when parties are trying to resolve family law disputes. Even if your spouse, co-parent or domestic abuser has hired an aggressive attorney, you may not necessarily benefit from doing the same.

Helping your kids through your divorce in healthy ways

If you and your spouse have decided to end your marriage, this may be the healthiest possible decision for you both to make for your family. But even if this is the case, your divorce will affect your children in negative ways for some time. Just as you will not walk away from your divorce without being forced to grapple with some challenging emotions, your children will similarly struggle in the immediate future. However, if you approach the divorce process and its aftermath in healthy ways, every member of your family has a good chance of emerging from this time of transition stronger, healthier and even happier than before.

Secret spending linked to financial disagreements, divorce

It’s fairly commonly known that financial disputes are a leading reason for the dissolution of a marriage cited in divorce filings in the United States. Finances are a difficult topic for many couples because how we manage our money often goes to the core of what we think is important. For example, if one spouse thinks its important to allocate funds to go out to dinner once a week and the other finds that to be a waste of money that they could be saving or using on home repairs, that may represent a fundamental difference in priorities. 

Don't lose sight of the ultimate goals of a divorce

A judge presiding over a recent phase of a 17-year-old divorce battle recently admonished the parties in court, telling the couple (both law professors) that they were setting a bad example. In this case the divorce process has dragged on much longer than the original 10 year marriage and has involved extensive filings totaling more than 1,400, and is still not resolved.

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