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When your child's other parent leaves

Sometimes when couples divorce, the process is amicable and each former partner is able to remain a healthy and stable part of their mutual child’s life. However, this scenario is not one that is played out in every family. Some former spouses bitterly dispute their child custody arrangements because each desperately wants primary or sole custody of their children. Still other families are split in ways that leave one parent in sole custody of a child not by choice but because the child’s other parent has left.

Debunking child custody myths

If you and your child’s other parent are disputing the specifics of your child’s custody arrangements, you are likely feeling frustrated, overwhelmed and even frightened. When your child was born, you almost certainly did not dwell on the possibility that you could be compelled to spend significant amounts of time away from him or her before your baby reached the age of 18. However, if your child custody case does not conclude in your favor, you could be forced to endure just that. It is not surprising that this possibility is potentially sending you into an emotional tailspin.

Louisiana custody dispute results in criminal consequences

Whether parents are married, unmarried or divorced, disputes in Louisiana that center on child custody can be highly contentious. In all Louisiana custody battles, family law judges will rule primarily according to the best interest of the child. Any instances of criminal activity, substance abuse, domestic violence or other condition that will risk the physical and mental wellbeing of a child will weigh significantly in determining child custody and visitation.

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