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Navigating pet custody issues during divorce

If you are a pet owner, you likely consider your pets to be members of the family. However, it is important that you understand that the law does not usually view your dogs, cats and other animals in the same way. Generally, if you divorce you and your spouse will be compelled to treat your pets as a matter for your property division settlement if you disagree on how their care should be addressed in the wake of your divorce.

Why you should probably avoid hiring an overly-aggressive lawyer

Television and motion pictures frequently cast brash, brusque and aggressive attorneys to argue criminal cases, corporate cases and even divorces. And while an aggressive approach is appropriate in certain contexts, it is very rarely the best approach when parties are trying to resolve family law disputes. Even if your spouse, co-parent or domestic abuser has hired an aggressive attorney, you may not necessarily benefit from doing the same.

Court expands understanding of "biological parent"

A state Supreme Court took up an unusual case recently of a same-sex couple struggling over a child custody agreement. The element that made the case unusual was the fact that the child was conceived using an egg from one of the mothers while the other mother carried the child to term. As such, the previous courts had understood only one of the parents as a "biological" parent for the purposes of a custody agreement and the other was considered a surrogate. 

Regretting adoptions, parents trade children on the internet

When a couple or an individual decides to adopt a child, some stressful situations and difficulties are bound to arise. Particularly for parents who are adopting an older child or a child from another country, the transition period can be rocky in many cases. However, in undertaking the adoption the parents have made both a serious legal and an emotional committment to the child they adopted, which means that when the situation becomes difficult they should reach out for help but not abandon the child all together.

Proposed law could help advance fathers' rights for some

Families today often bear little resemblance to ones from previous generations. This is one reason why it becomes necessary at times to update laws that help ensure that involved parties are fairly represented, especially those that govern fathers' rights. In light of the many new forms that families are taking these days, it is becoming more common for many states -- including Louisiana -- to move to safeguard the rights of all that may be involved in the raising of children.

Dad appears in family court dressed as Nazi; what NOT to do

In family law cases, the image you present to the court matters. Family court judges have a limited amount of time to familiarize themselves with the merits of a case, so any information you introduce into the world of the court can be relevant. That being the case, you not only want to make strong arguments in a custody case or another family law matter, you want to present yourself in a fashion that supports those arguments.

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