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Louisiana Senate reviews family law concerns regarding the age to marry

The laws surrounding marriage and divorce are frequently discussed by lawmakers. Louisiana is now broaching a family law issue regarding the age in which people can lawfully enter into a marriage. Currently, the state grants minors licenses to marry under the age of 18 provided they meet legal conditions.

Brendan Fraser's spousal support problem

Sometimes there is no way out of paying alimony to a former spouse. While it certainly is not awarded in every divorce case in Louisiana and elsewhere, there are some instances when spousal support simply cannot be avoided. For the breadwinning spouse, this may be a tough pill to swallow, especially if the amount of support awarded and the duration of support seem unfair or unrealistic to maintain. This seems to be the case for actor Brendan Fraser.

Prenuptial agreements: Are you forgetting something?

So many details go into making a wedding day special. With everything the Louisiana couple needs to remember to do before the big day, it is no wonder that some things may slip through the cracks. That may be okay if you inadvertently sat two warring relatives next to each other at the reception, but when it comes to prenuptial agreements, you may only have one chance to get it right.

Prenuptial agreements: The practical side of wedding plans

Dresses, flowers and venues, along with other details, often preoccupy Louisiana residents who are planning their weddings. Creating the perfect day to memorialize their decision to wed is exciting, fun and sometimes frustrating. However, a wedding only lasts a day, and many couples are thinking much farther into the future by including prenuptial agreements in their wedding plans.

Consider the following before signing prenuptial agreements

Are you about to be married? Has your soon-to-be spouse asked you to consider a prenup? Before you go forward with any plans to sign one, you should consider the following potential downsides of prenuptial agreements. You probably already know of the advantages you may receive from such an agreement in the event of a Louisiana divorce, but you need to be equally aware of the disadvantages.

Asserting Louisiana fathers' rights as an unmarried dad

Obviously, Louisiana residents do not have to be married in order to have children together. When a relationship is going well, the issue of unwed fathers' rights might not be a priority. However, if the relationship ends and the parties go their separate ways, these rights and responsibilities become paramount for both parties.

Family law issues include much more than just divorce

Many of the decisions that alter the lives of Louisiana residents surround those they love. Family law issues involve more than just divorce. Any number of disputes or needs that you have regarding your spouse, your children or perhaps other family members could fall under family law.

Prenuptial agreements can make divorce less stressful

For many Louisiana couples planning a marriage, the idea of a future divorce is unthinkable. However, discussing subjects like prenuptial agreements can benefit both partners in the long run. These agreements are designed to help sort out finances and other concerns so that couples do not have to worry about them later.

Family law: Blended families can benefit from estate planning

Families come in all shapes and sizes these days. Those with children from previous marriages are often called "blended" families. It is especially important for those in this situation to think about the future in terms of estate planning because they may have more family members to take into consideration. An experienced family law attorney can help advise Louisiana families regarding the choices available to them.

Property division can cause complications during divorce

Louisiana couples who are contemplating divorce face several challenges. One of those challenges is how to account for property division. This can be especially difficult for couples who own multiple real estate properties. Discussing this topic in advance can help avoid tensions in the future.

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