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Jeff Bezos didn't have a prenuptial agreement, but you can

Louisiana online shoppers might not have known anything about the founder and CEO of Amazon until recently, when Jeff Bezos made national headlines because of his upcoming divorce. While some of the focus has revolved around Amazon itself and how the company might be affected, there are also bigger questions. Jeff Bezos and his soon-to-be ex-wife, MacKenzie Bezos, never signed a prenuptial agreement, so the fate of the couple's $137 billion is up in the air.

Didn't sign a prenuptial agreement? Consider a postnup

In general, Louisiana couples are increasingly aware of the benefits of signing a prenup. However, being aware of how good something is and actually following through with doing it are two very different things. Whether couples initially decided against using a prenuptial agreement or did not fully realize that they needed one until later on, they can still gain the same protections through the use of a postnuptial agreement.

Prenuptial agreements a good idea for baby boomers

Finding love after a divorce can be an invigorating experience. However, it can also feel more complicated, especially for Louisiana baby boomers who are in or nearing retirement. Prenuptial agreements can help these individuals protect their own interests and even outline expectations for financial management during the marriage.

Louisiana business owners benefit from prenuptial agreements

Louisiana business owners often take great pride in working for themselves and creating a company they can feel proud of. Unfortunately, a divorce can compromise everything that they have worked so hard to build. Prenuptial agreements can help protect business interests during a divorce and are a smart choice for their owners. 

Can family law issues be contagious?

People in Louisiana generally like to think that they think and act of their own accord and not because of outside influence. While this might be true in some cases, a person's friends and family can have a significant impact on their behavior when it comes to family law. Simply knowing someone who has divorced puts an individual at a higher risk for pursuing the process for themselves. 

Prenuptial agreements help with more than just divorce

Planning the perfect wedding day is perhaps one of the most romantic endeavors that a Louisiana couple can undertake. Prenuptial agreements rarely factor into these plans, perhaps because of their negative association with divorce. However, reality is that some couples will end up divorcing, and in that case it is best to be prepared. 

Do you really need to read prenuptial agreements before signing?

Using a prenuptial agreement to safeguard assets and protect oneself from debt is a great option for most people in Louisiana. Although prenups may have risen in popularity recently, it is important to remember that they are legal documents that have real-life implications. Those choosing to use prenuptial agreements should be certain that they carefully read and understand everything in the document before signing. 

How Louisiana family law divides marital debt

In 2016 alone, 827,261 people across the United States divorced, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. While many people are concerned about dividing assets during a divorce, debt and liabilities can add a host of other family legal issues to consider. Louisiana couples with debt should take steps to find out what happens to their personal loans or liabilities under state family law.

Prenuptial agreements can take uncertainty out of marriage

For newly engaged couples, topics like divorce and pre-existing assets might seem like unromantic topics. Yet Louisiana couples who avoid these conversations can find themselves in the midst of family law issues in the future. Some people may think they do not have enough assets to warrant a prenuptial agreement, but these conversations are critical to the future.

Louisiana Senate reviews family law concerns regarding the age to marry

The laws surrounding marriage and divorce are frequently discussed by lawmakers. Louisiana is now broaching a family law issue regarding the age in which people can lawfully enter into a marriage. Currently, the state grants minors licenses to marry under the age of 18 provided they meet legal conditions.

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