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How to protect finances after you're asked for a divorce

For some people the question comes as a complete surprise, while for others it is more of an expected step in their marriage. No matter how a person felt when their spouse asked them for a divorce, it is important to take action in a timely manner. While there are many factors that cannot be dealt with until the divorce process gets underway, people in Louisiana can take important steps to protect themselves and their finances relatively early on.

Could divorce mediation be the right solution for you?

Deciding to divorce can be an emotionally-charged experience, and the idea of heading to war in the courtroom can seem necessary and even cathartic. However, what might feel satisfying in the moment might not be a good idea for in the long run. Divorce mediation can provide a better overall experience for Louisiana couples who want to get through the process without going to battle.

What should stay-at-home moms expect during divorce?

Whether a woman decides to stay home or return to work after having a baby is an extremely personal decision. Louisiana families often consider whether they can live on a single income and what the cost of child care would be if both parents worked. While these considerations can make finances easier during marriage, deciding to stay home can leave some women worried about their lives and financial stability after a divorce.

Do you know what to do with credit card rewards during divorce?

Racking up credit card reward points can be extremely satisfying. From earning points on grocery purchases to banking points for airfare travel, using credit cards to earn additional benefits is a popular choice. But how should Louisiana couples handle these points during a divorce?

Social Security benefits after divorce

Social Security benefits play a crucial role in retirement planning for many Louisiana residents. However, those who are ready to divorce might have some understandable concerns about accessing those benefits in the future. What few people understand is that it is possible to receive these important retirement benefits based on a spouse's work history even if they have divorced.

Don't forget about important documents during family law issues

Ending a marriage is a complicated ordeal, both legally and emotionally. While some people in Louisiana might feel as if there is too much going on at once to be truly present for each individual process within divorce, failing to do so can have serious consequences for the future. Here a few family law matters divorcing couples should keep in mind.

What you can expect from the divorce process in 2019

Divorce is difficult, no matter what time of year you file. However, new changes in tax laws can add a new layer of complication for Louisiana couples looking to end their marriages in the new year. If a person is planning to move forward with this process at any point in 2019, it is beneficial to know what to expect and start preparing for it now. 

Will I have to give up my dog in property division?

Planning for a happy future might be easy enough, but what about preparing for less than ideal situations? While Louisiana couples might not think that they will ever divorce, the simple truth is that many couples end up untying the knot. When couples are not prepared for this event, they may end up fighting over property division or even losing out on something precious to them, like their pets.

Should one try to finalize a divorce before the year's end?

Ending a marriage can be a lengthy and complex process for Louisiana couples and, in some cases, can take an extensive amount of time to finalize. If a person is going through the divorce process yet still has issues to resolve, it may be beneficial to work toward a final resolution before the end of the year. Due to tax changes coming at the start of 2019, there could be significant financial consequences to delaying.

Could divorce mediation be right for you?

You might be most familiar with divorce as it is presented through images presented in popular media. While there is nothing wrong with enjoying a good movie, you might be expecting to go straight before a judge at the beginning of the divorce process. While family law judges in Louisiana do play important roles when necessary, you do not necessarily have to leave all of your important decisions up to them. Instead, you can use divorce mediation to reach mutually agreeable solutions.

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