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Fathers say they are struggling with child support

Louisiana fathers today tend to be more involved than men of the past, but family law has not exactly caught up with this change just yet. According to some men, fathers are still treated much differently after divorce, and they often feel more like add-ons to the child custody agreement rather than a vital part. Whether in regards to an unfair custody agreement or a monthly child support payments that are too high, fathers should be sure to act swiftly to avoid difficult situations.

A temporary child custody order is a good idea for most parents

Most people hope for a quick and painless conclusion to their divorce proceedings. Unfortunately, real life is often very different. Divorces in Louisiana can and do drag on, leaving many people worried about their finances, children and more. Temporary orders are a smart option for those who need to address child custody, child support or other important issues before their divorce is finalized. 

Strategies for co-parenting in the best interests of the child

Raising children within a marriage can make collaboration a bit easier, as each parent can see what the other is doing. For divorced couples in Louisiana, however, co-parenting conflicts can often arise. These issues are often based in miscommunication, past hurt or simply incompatible parenting styles. Regardless of the reasons for co-parenting squabbles, it is important that both do their best to put the best interests of the child ahead of individual agendas.

Child custody and paternity rights questioned in unusual case

Precedents set by unique legal scenarios often change the way future cases are considered by judges. In Louisiana, a complicated child custody case is raising questions about how paternity is treated in the case of a child conceived through a sperm donor. The man, who is listed on the child's birth certificate, is fighting to be recognized as the father of his ex-girlfriend's child.

Criminal charges can result from violating a child custody ruling

When a family court renders a decision about where a child must live, it is very important that both parents follow this decision. In fact, ignoring court-ordered child custody is a criminal offence. Parishes across Louisiana get many calls each year about this issue, and police often need to get involved.

Age and gender can influence a child's reaction to divorce

Divorcing couples often worry about how their children will cope with a breakup. Along with issues defined by Louisiana state law such as child custody and child support, understanding a child's emotional journey is critical to creating a new family makeup that is in the best interests of the child. Psychologists say that separation and divorce can have serious impacts on the well-being of children, so paying attention to their needs is critical for both parents.

Including your ex may ease tensions about child custody

Even amicable divorces come with some unsettling feelings. Regardless, some Louisiana couples need to find a way to work together in order to create and stick to a workable child custody agreement. This may take additional compromises that may feel odd and uncomfortable at first but, with time, could ease tensions from the divorce.

Which parent serves the best interests of the child?

Louisiana courts ask that question often in child custody cases. Even though courts tend to favor shared custody more often these days, when it appears that option will not serve the best interests of the child, the court will work to determine who the primary custodial parent becomes. If you and the other parent fall into this category, and you are seeking sole custody of your child, you may find yourself having to prove you are worthy of the role.

Parents don't pay child support to be able to see their children

Whether married or divorced, parents have an obligation to support their children financially. When the relationship between parents ends, Louisiana family courts often order one parent to pay child support. It is important to note that the financial obligation that a parent has to the children is separate from the desire to be part of their lives.

Is the best way to win a child custody battle not to fight?

Many Louisiana parents find themselves at the end of their relationships. As a result, they may also find themselves involved in a child custody battle. In some cases, the best way to win is not to fight, but what happens when that does not work?

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