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When is spousal support available in Louisiana divorce?

Spousal support, maintenance or alimony, as it is sometimes called, can be an important issue in divorce. Although most couples tend to square up financially in the property division aspect of the dissolution process, in some cases it is appropriate to seek out a spousal support award. Spousal support can be either interim, until the divorce is completed, or final.

Does it make sense to file a termination of alimony claim?

Many Americans prefer to make a good, old-fashion “pro and con” list before making numerous kinds of life decisions. It is important to balance the benefits of an action with the potential drawbacks before making a final decision. The outcome of your decision may not be what you had hoped it might, however if you make an informed decision, you will be less likely to suffer regret in the end.

Secret spending linked to financial disagreements, divorce

It’s fairly commonly known that financial disputes are a leading reason for the dissolution of a marriage cited in divorce filings in the United States. Finances are a difficult topic for many couples because how we manage our money often goes to the core of what we think is important. For example, if one spouse thinks its important to allocate funds to go out to dinner once a week and the other finds that to be a waste of money that they could be saving or using on home repairs, that may represent a fundamental difference in priorities. 

Does collaborative divorce make sense for you?

Today in Louisiana, there are many different ways to accomplish getting a divorce. Which method will be the best depends on the specific circumstances of the parties and what their goals are in the divorce process. For those who are focused on ending the marriage and moving forward quickly and without a lot of expense, collaborative divorce has become more popular in recent years.

Are more couples going on vacation to save their marriage?

For many couples, the idea of boarding a cruise ship for a weeklong sea voyage, hopping on a plane to an exotic destination or even driving to a mountain retreat for a long weekend sounds like the perfect chance to kick back and forget about their worries. However, for an increasing number of couples these dream vacations are actually being used as opportunities to address their worries, particularly as they relate to their marriage.

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