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Lafayette Father's Rights Lawyer

Aggressive Representation For Father's Rights

Fathers facing family legal disputes often feel they are fighting a losing battle. Gender biases in family court are a harsh reality, and the rights and privileges of husbands and fathers are often disregarded. As a Lafayette father's rights attorney, I vigorously advocate the rights of men facing all types of family disputes, including divorce, custody battles and support settlements. With a straightforward, hard-hitting approach, I fight to ensure fathers receive equal treatment both in and outside of court and their interests and assets are protected.

Take Action Before It's Too Late

Dealing witFatherh sensitive family legal disputes in an appropriate manner can be a challenge. Rash decisions or failure to take the proper initial steps can negatively affect the outcome. Before you file for divorce, it is important to contact a knowledgeable lawyer who can explain your rights and options. The Law Office of Laura L. Davenport guides men throughout southern Louisiana through the necessary steps to best meet their individual needs in the following practice areas:

Fair And Equal Treatment For Fathers

Wives and mothers typically command the sympathy of family courts, and are often willing to infringe upon their spouse's rights for their own benefit. Don't let this happen to you. Contact me, a dedicated Lafayette father's rights lawyer today. I work to prevent fathers from bearing an unfair financial burden for both interim and final periodic spousal support.

Lafayette and Acadiana Custody Rights Attorney

The notion that children are best cared for by their mothers is an outdated stereotype. Your role as a father is just as important. As a father's custody rights attorney, I stand up for dads whose custody and visitation rights are being threatened. All custody agreements should keep the children's best interests at the forefront. I can help you preserve or reclaim your parental rights and protect the future of your relationship with your child.

For more information on men's and father's rights, call the Law Office of Laura L. Davenport at 337-231-1397 or fill out the online contact form. Fees vary according to the complexity of the case.

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Law Office of Laura L. Davenport
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