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Child Custody For Fathers in Lafayette

If you are a father in Lafayette going through a divorce, your child custody rights may be in jeopardy. Mothers are often favored as the primary caretaker, and overcoming gender biases in family court is difficult. Whether you are seeking sole or joint custody, or if your visitation rights are being violated, an attorney can work through all of your issues and concerns, and help you achieve a resolution that best serves you and your children.

Defending Father's Child Custody Rights

Father-DaughterThe Law Office of Laura L. Davenport works to protect the rights of fathers involved in all types of family legal issues, including child custody disputes. A father's active role is fundamental to a child's healthy growth and development. Through effective legal counsel and assertive representation, I strive for the best possible outcome for fathers looking to protect their relationships with their children.

In any divorce case, the children's best interests are the primary concern. Optimal child custody resolutions are typically achieved when both spouses mutually agree on custody and visitation terms. Fathers in Lafayette facing child custody disputes benefit from my ability to assess their needs, determine the best course of action and skillfully negotiate on their behalf. In cases where amicable settlement is not an option, I am prepared to advocate on behalf of father's rights through aggressive litigation.

Fathers who work on offshore boats are often concerned their job may affect the amount of time they spend with their children. I can advise you on custody arrangements that ensure you maintain your fair share of parenting time. Men throughout southern Louisiana appreciate my practical, straightforward approach to family legal disputes. I seek the most efficient and cost-effective resolutions in every case. Also, as a chemical dependency counselor, I am specially qualified to address situations where drugs and alcohol are an issue.

Contact Laura Davenport — Lafayette and Acadiana Father's Custody Rights Lawyer

If your rights are being overlooked or you are denied legal access to your children, take action. Contact me at 337-231-1397 to schedule a confidential consultation. I aggressively advocate child custody rights for fathers in Lafayette.

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